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Electronic Stability Control by AL-KO

The team at AL-KO have been supplying their Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to Universal Caravans since 2017.

We’re ecstatic with the ESC and AL-KO have reassured us that their products are among the very best. Universal Caravans are using components from the worldwide leader with a focus on high quality products. By fitting AL-KO’s ESC, Universal Caravans are utilising the latest technology to ensure that our caravans offer the highest level of safety on the road.

If a driver must perform an emergency avoidance manoeuvre, the AL-KO ESC will sense any dangerous sideways movement and automatically activate to keep the caravan stable.

We’ve had a great relationship with AL-KO and their sales team because we are both passionate about what we do. We utilise high quality components, and support the industry through our involvement with industry associations and industry accredited shows.  

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